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How To Write SEO Friendly Content ? Learn Basic SEO Now !

“Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about PARTNERING with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.”

– Phil Frost, Main Street ROI


In previous blog we have mentioned the importance of having a website for your business or work. Then we came across platforms like WordPress and learnt how to build a website the quick, safe and easy ways to create one.

In this blog we will see how having website with SEO optimized content can help you attract more users and visitors along with how to write a SEO enabled content. SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. This simply means optimizing one’s website to rank better. It’s like telling Google or other search engine that look here I am the best and so you must give me preference. For example, when you type something in search engine website and enter to search you immediately get result for your search, you see number of websites aligned, these websites that see are the optimized ones, one with most clicks appears on the top followed by other in descending order. This happens for two reasons, number one is that the website holds great content and has great flow of organic visitors (organic traffic is the self-generated traffic without any synthesis) and second being that website that good content plus it has SEO enabled content which is ensuring the traffic.

So by it is clear to us having traffic on website stands equally important because a home on rent without tenant obviously makes no sense. So let us dig in to the different ways to write SEO optimized content because SEO is all about getting smart!


This is the most important but easiest thing you can do to make your content effective. Here you need to write words which are sure to appeal the people, these are the words which are clicked maximum on the engines, you need to repeat these words in each paragraph 2-3 times, this doing this will ensure that Google understands the words in a way you want it to get through. Plus you also need to understand the phrasing, there is a certain way Google understands the sentences. So next when you are about to write a blog take some time out search for ranked keywords, it is five minutes process which can double your traffic.


After knowing the appropriate keyword you must also know the average length of the articles written with chosen keywords. For this you can use free tool like SEO Rambler, this tool will help you to find common length for the article. This will give you general idea about the number of words you need to write.

For extra result you can always analyze the top 10 results for your preferred keyword. Ideally the length of article should be 1000 words, but then it’s never about just length.


While writing a blog or an article one usually has to deal with two types of titles, namely post title and meta title.

  • Post title is the title which your reader sees as your title on the website.
  • Meta title is the title which search engine shows as a result of the search.

Hence if you do not specify meta title then your post will be treated as meta title. This also makes a note to us that it is important to mention keywords in meta title so the search engine becomes aware about the possible blog. It is always advisable to keep meta title’s length up to 66 words.


Basically meta description is a tag used to summarize the content in form of snippets. They are of 160 characters. Usually meta description is of not much importance for search engine rankings but they hold significance for gaining user clicks.


Google is not capable enough to recognize images but it can definitely recognize text. Hence it becomes very important to name the image according to the content. For example, say you saved image as image0.jpg then search engine simply would not understand the meaning, instead use a keyword to save the image. This has assured results. So, next time remember to use keyword in image alt text.


Stop words are the words which are filtered out (ignored) in processing natural language text, this is done to save database space and speed up the process of crawling/indexing. Stop words are the extremely common words.

So avoid using common words known to you in order to make it SEO friendly. Moreover don’t use words like a, an, the and other such words in permalink. For example if you are using “Blog for an SEO optimized content”, here “for”, “an” will be ignored. Thus, name it as SEO-optimized-content. Also, never change the pre-set permalink.



To make sure that your visitor keeps reading always use interlinking while writing a new blog. This has double advantage as you are providing your visitor something more to read just on a click plus this increases your clicks.

This also results in better navigation. You can use Anchor text technique for interlinking.


If your theme is SEO optimized then by default post title is using H1 heading tag. Hence it is always advisable to use proper heading tag for effective SEO result. Heading matters more when you are writing a long article or a blog.

Hence, use H1, H2, H3 and so on effectively according to your content to generate SEO optimized content.



  • Use keywords. Search for it.
  • Know the suitable length.
  • Use keywords in title.
  • Use keyword in image alt text
  • Avoid STOP words.
  • Provide interlinks.
  • Use heading tags.


Thus, using these simple techniques you can write a SEO pro content. However, it is always advisable to check on similar content if available and prepare a rough outline before jumping in to actual writing.


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