website, Why wordpress is best CMS for website development ?

Why wordpress is best CMS for website development ?

by Chandani April 12, 2019

“ WordPress is a best CMS to start website in a day ”

Website is becoming an essential part of everybody’s life as internet manages it’s importance to grow at great pace. For businesses as well as freelancers website has become inevitable. Also, the internet has become a platform to showcase the talent and share the information globally.

When it comes to website development, WordPress  is the best CMS, CMS is abbreviation of content management system. Usually we all are aware of the name WordPress and five in one person has used it accidentally or for some purpose. This it-self makes WordPress a big name in the CMS market.

There are hundreds of reasons which makes WordPress an ideal CMS for website development, here we have filtered out some of most important ones to help you choose better.

This blog will tell you about top 5 reasons to choose WordPress as your CMS. Also, many secondary reasons are included supporting WordPress as best for website development.


  1. FREE OF COST: Above everything WordPress is not going to cost your pocket . You can directly install WordPress without paying a single penny and start using it. So it’s a win-win situation for you as it comes for free plus no technical expertise are required. Hence, WordPress is free software without any commercial limitations.
  2. COLLECTION OF THEME AND PLUGIN: WordPress allows you to build your own theme which represents your business best. You can either learn this from tutorials and hire somebody with this knowledge. Above this wordpress comes with thousands of pre-built themes from which you can choose according to your requirement. Apart from themes WordPress comes with many plugins which is very useful for content management, uploading of images and videos as well as it allows you to have analytics of the website and which can help you to gain optimum results. This makes WordPress a powerful CMS.
  3. SEO friendly: SEO stands for search engine optimization. This simply means that better ranking of your website. Hence, in order to increase your visitors people must know about existence of your website, this is exactly what SEO does to your website. It promotes your website and makes sure it reaches to maximum number of people. In wordpress, content can be made SEO friendly very easily just by adding proper keywords, keywords are the words which talks about the content of your website and what is it all about. Also, relevant keywords in URL can be a game changer for your website. Coding of the theme can be done in SEO friendly way to attract more users and this is quite easy to implement.
  4. HUGE USER BASE: When we say WordPress we often think blogging. People confuse wordpress for just blogging website and to read travel and cooking blogs but WordPress is lot more than just blogging. WordPress is a content management system which allows you to build your own website provided with hosting, and hosting and own website can have multiple advantages as you will be the one to make all decisions. Thus, it gives you control over the website and grants you decision making power. WordPress is a global platform which assures you a stand globally. You can simply download the wordpress CMS from and get started with the website. Using wordpress allows you to have plethora of benefits plus it saves lot of your time keeping things under your control. It is as simple as cooking a good meal!
  5. SAFE AND SECURED: Many options are available in market place to build a website but no other provides security like WordPress. WordPress is a huge name and hence it must provide security to it’s customers. WordPress has a team concerned with the security, they look after all the cyber issues, viruses, etc. If any complaint is reported to them then immediately take action resolve the matter. Hence it is highly recommended to build a website through WordPress for best security services.

Apart from these five reasons there are hundreds of other reasons which shouts  the goodness of WordPress.

Some of them we would like you to know is:

  • You can build a website without any technical knowledge or expertise. You can simply choose from available theme and get started in minutes.
  • WordPress allows you enjoy social media features as well. You can integrate your website and social media by use of simple widgets and plugin. Plus it also allows you post your blog on social media just at a click, for this you can make use of plugin like com . you can also schedule the post on your social media like you schedule your facebook posts, for this you can use plugin such as CoSchedule. There are plenty of such tiny but extremely useful social media features available on WordPress, you just need to get started and learn things gradually.
  • WordPress allows you prestigious benefit of switching your hosting provider. If you find yourself unhappy with current hosting provider you can change it any time without much downfall.
  • WordPress is a all-rounder software suitable for everyone from a blogger to businessman.
  • Other very unkown factor about WordPress cms is that allows to build multi-lingual website, nearly about 60 languages. This can be done by Polylang plugin or WPML
  • WordPress allows you to handle multiple WordPress websites to be handled under one admin panel.
  • With WordPress website you can easily set up any kind of e-commerce store you wish to. Most frequent and useful way to get this done is through Woocommerce.



We hope we have given enough reasons to trust WordPress. It provides everything from countless themes to variety of plugings to security. It is easy, safe and quick.

If you have any query or question on mind then feel free to comment. We will reach you as soon as we can. Goodbye until next time!


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website, Why wordpress is best CMS for website development ?

Chandani Lunagaria is a computer engineer by profession and a writer by nature. She is a content expert here. Reading and writing tops her priority list. She believes " Being imperfectly perfect is perfect".

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