Web Push Notifications, What is a Web Push Notifications ?

What is a Web Push Notifications ?

by Chandani May 03, 2019
Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications are one of the best converting marketing channels out there that can significantly increase sales for your business



When the bell tings at your home and you rush to open the door and with dozen thoughts on your mind just to look who’s knocking! Well that can be a either mood changer or just another normal one or the one you never wanted to see!

So the bell is the notification, it alarms you that someone is at door asking for your attention, then it’s depends on you to unlock the door or not (well that’s actually an ideal situation! XOXO). Web notifications are the same but with the different medium.

Simple definition goes like this, something new has arrived on your social network or one of the web platforms you are subscribed to and has sent out a knock on your phone. It’s nothing but an alarming knock who wants to seek your attention.

This is common scenario in our daily life, knocking on an entrance door, Facebook notification chiming, Watsapp telling you about a new message from a friend and so on. Almost all the apps on your phone have this feature.

And this is important, very important.

Important to have your attention on what they have for you.

Your attention is the key, that’s the notification, that’s the web push notification .

In terms of technicality, web push notification is a system built for to notify you of any incoming news or message. This can be on you mobile phone, your tablet, your PC or any other smart gadget.

In this blog I will tell you about things you need to know about web push notifications, it’s implementation and how it is beneficial for your growth.



  • Web push notifications convey your message to the user.
  • It is indirect way to market.
  • Web notification is a small, simple thing which has rewarded companies to achieve huge growth.



– Weapon for converting visitors in to subscribers

When want to create traffic base for your website first thing you will need is subscribers, and they don’t come for free. You will need to convince them to subscribe with some legit reasons.

Reason can be any good stuff you are providing, it can your unique content, your way of explanation or anything that matters.

Ask your first time visitors to subscribe your blog, send them notification or an email. This will give them an option to look after your blog and you have a fair chance to get a new subscriber.

So, push notification is a hard core medium to convert your visitors into subscribers.

 Then just keep them updated. Subscription assures your blog repeat visitors plus cream crowd.


– It is your medium to spread your uniqueness.

What will you choose? A glass of regular water or a glass of energy drink? It’s difficult to choose plus it depends on your mood.

Notifications can also work in two ways, they can either nurture your readers or fulfill their thirst.

Usually bloggers just send out notification regarding new updates or new blog post and forget their strong content which the subscriber must read in order to know the significance of your website.

Send them emails with the links of your best blog-posts, this will stand you a chance to win their heart.

Convey your achievements and tell them about content.

– Notifications will achieve you real time traffic

Real time traffic is something like on the spot entries.

When you are publishing a time sensitive blog or promoting something for a time being then it becomes important to have real time traffic.

And only notifications can assure you traffic. You just need to circulate strong message conveying your content and I am sure readers will spare some time to read.

      • Brings you traffic for time sensitive content.
      • Helps you to promote
      • Grab attention with notification for your live chats or videos.

Thing to note: Do not send out too many notification to your subscribers, this will only fill their inbox and force them to unsubscribe. Sort out who likes what can send notifications accordingly. For this this you set some filters.


Pro tips to write and execute web push notifications

Notifications are compact and crisp, just like your ketchup sachet. So you will need a good copy writing skills, fix all the information in character limit which must be provoking in a good manner. Because sending out this message must live the purpose of getting back the reader to read your content.

  • Make your writing crisp: Write up to the point only. Nobody has time to read your long and mysterious message and decode them. Come to the point straight way.
  • Use time sensation: Human psychology tends to attract more towards negative things, use this to your advantage. Tell them few hours to go, don’t miss on the sale instead of sale is coming up. Because we humans naturally gets attracted to something that going to finish up, the FOMO.
  • Provide unavoidable social proof: Get hands on with some known personality which can hold up your marketing and send out notification alarming your readers about that personality reading and praising your content. This will make your reader think and read further.

It’s all about time management

First you need to know geographical region of your subscribers. It’s little time consuming but with correct tools it can be achieved.

For example, say you are writing an inspirational blog and you want to convey routine before bed time, but then this will be of meaning only if your reader is about to sleep, what if your subscriber is somewhere it’s going to be morning! Your content goes waste so does your push notification.

Keep in mind tactic

After applying all this techniques you must analyze the scenario. The click rate; what percentage of your notification achieved click. Keep record of the notifications and actions occurring on it and try to make it more fruitful.

Moreover, focus on your primary goal and plan things in a way to achieve that goal because is quite possible to forget the main aim amid new techniques and internet noise.

Hence, I am sure that now web push notification is not a new chapter to you. Drool over the blog and understand with depth. Convert your first time readers to subscribers, send them notification on correct time and write crisp.

If you have any doubt or question in mind then let us know in the comments below, we will be happy to solve your query. Suggestions and feedback are always welcome.

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Web Push Notifications, What is a Web Push Notifications ?

Chandani Lunagaria is a computer engineer by profession and a writer by nature. She is a content expert here. Reading and writing tops her priority list. She believes " Being imperfectly perfect is perfect".

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Web Push Notifications
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Web Push Notifications

[…] What is a Web Push Notifications ? […]

Web Push Notifications

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Web Push Notifications

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