Best Contact Form Plugins, 6 Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

6 Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

by Sachin Lathiya 12 months ago
Best Contact Form Plugins

Let’s Increase Your Customer with Choosing Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

Are you looking for connect contact form in your WordPress website? Unsure which one of those 1700+ WordPress contact type plugins to use? In this article, we’ve got hand-picked the 6  best contact form plugins for WordPress and in comparison with their advantages and disadvantages, so that you can easily choose best contact form for your wordpress website.

1. WPForms

WPForms is the most beginner friendly contact form plugin for is very easy and powerful contact form plugins.Choose this one !! this is best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress.

Best Contact Form Plugins


Beyond the very common free version that makes a good option for contact forms, there are also different premium versions that will let you use forms to collect email list,collect payments and many more.

Price: Limited free version. Pro starts at $39.50/year.

Features of best Contact Form Plugins :

  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Pre-built form templates
  • (honeypot field and CAPTCHA) Anti-spam features
  • Custom email notifications
  • 8 input field types for free
  • Custom confirmation message or redirect
  • View results of form submissions in WordPress dashboard

If you’re willing to pay, the Pro version also offers a lot more field types, plus functionality for:

  • Conditional logic
  • Payments
  • Email marketing service integrations
  • Surveys and polls.
  • and many More

Download WPforms lite

How to Create Your WPForms  :


2. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular & oldest contact form plugins in wordpress.

Best Contact Form Plugins


it will have two significant things going for this.

  • First off, it’s free.
  • Second, because it’s very popular, you can find a thousands of free third-party extensions for this plugins.

So even if it’s not as include in the core plugin, the free extensions open up a lot of flexibility.

Price: 100% free

Features :

The core version of the plugin is very limited, with just a few simple features like:

  • 15 input field types to choose from
  • Email notifications
  • Custom confirmation messages

However, with the third-party extensions or plugins, you can add support for:

  • Conditional logic
  • Styling options
  • Multi-step forms
  • Google reCaptcha
  • Storing form results in your WordPress admin dashboard
  • Payments
  • Redirect users after they submit a form
  • …plus a many more.

Download Contact form 7

Create a form using contact form 7


3. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is a free contact form plugin for WordPress. It can be used to build interactive form with very little effort.

Best Contact Form Plugins

For beginners, quickly and easily design complex forms without programing knowledge. For coders, utilize built-in hooks, filters, and even custom field templates to do whatever you need at any step in the form creation or submission using Ninja Forms as a framework.

Price: free version available. Purchase individual features, or extensions start at $99.

Features :

  • 21+ different field types, even in the free version
  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • View form results in WordPress admin dashboard
  • Detailed settings for each and every field
  • Anti-spam functionality, reCAPTCHA

And with the many paid add-ons or extension, you can add extra functionality for things like:

  • Email marketing services
  • Conditional logic
  • Payments
  • Zapier
  • …plus many more.

Download Ninja Forms Plugins

How to Create Ninja Forms  :


4. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a paid WordPress form plugin that comes with a lot of advanced functionality and features. They also specialize in helping coders to create complex form related solutions.

Best Contact Form Plugins

Price:  Pro version starts at $59/year

Features :

  • Easy To Use, Powerful Forms
  • 30+ Ready to Use Form Fields
  • Conditional Logic
  • File Uploads
  • Email Notifications
  • WordPress Post Creation
  • Fight Spam
  • Responsive Design
  • Woocommerce Integration Available
  • complex calculation form builder
  • Addons available
  • … and many more

Download Gravity Forms Plugins

How to Create Gravity Form :


5. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is the very advanced WordPress contact form plugin in the market. They specialize in helping coders and developers to build complex form  focused solutions quickly and easily.

Best Contact Form Plugins

For exmple, maybe you want to let people submit a review or rating as part of the form, or purchase something. That’s where Formidable Forms is best contact form plugins for wordpress.

Price: free version available. Pro version starts at $49

Features :

  • 13 field types in free version
  • Style & designoptions
  • Drag-and-drop form editor
  • View form results in WordPress admin dashboard

The Pro version added 19 new field types and also lets you create a lot of different types of forms, including forms for:

  • User registration
  • Payments
  • Surveys
  • Email marketing
  • .. and many more

Download Formidable Forms plugins

How to Create Formidable Forms :


6. FormCraft

FormCraft is a drag-and-drop form builder to build and embed forms, and track submissions.

Best Contact Form Plugins

it’s WYSIWYG form builder is fast, easy-to-use and offers very good customization, allowing you to build simple contact forms or complicated inquiry forms.

Formcraft’s All forms are responsive on all devices, by default.

Price: free version available. Pro version starts at $49

Features :

  • Drag & drop form editor
  • Responsive forms design
  • Translation-ready
  • Embed forms using shortcode in your site
  • Get live email notifications on form submissions
  • Export / Import form templates
  • Support for 8 fields types, including custom HTML
  • Form validation – front-end and back-end
  • Lightweight and fast

The Pro version added  20+ new field types and also lot of different types of extension and addons, including forms for:

  • Conditional Logic
  • Auto-save form progress
  • Accept multiple files uploads using the forms
  • Get form analytics in your WordPress admin dashboard
  • Embed popup forms, fly-in forms, or sticky-button forms on your site
  • Send customized auto-responders to your users
  • Over 20+ form fields, including special fields like star rating, sliders, matrix, etc …
  • Integrations for popular services like MailChimp, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, Aweber
  • Download form templates from our online form template gallery
  • Export all your submissions to CSV, or spreadsheet format
  • Comprehensive online documentation, and one-on-one support
  • Support for one-click checkout, through Stripe
  • Dozens of add-ons, like multi-page forms, user registration, form to post, etc …

What is The Best Contact Form Plugins For WordPress ?

The plugins we include in this blog can all help you create a contact form plugin. However choosing the best WordPress form builder plugin varies based on your different type of needs.

If you’re a beginner and Startup don’t want to spend any money, then go with WPForms Lite.

For  business owner and want to create very powerful forms without learning programming or hiring a developer or wordpress specialist, then go with the WPForms Pro version.

If you’re a developer trying to build more complex and hard forms, then there’s no better solution than Formidable Forms.

Our overall Conclusion for the best contact form plugin for wordpress is WPForms.


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Best Contact Form Plugins, 6 Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress
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